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Langbos Children’s Shelter

A remarkable construction project in the struggling Langbos informal settlement near Addo in the Eastern Cape has created a safe house for the community’s children and filled its adults with a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment. Construction of the Langbos Children’s Shelter has provided a much-needed haven for vulnerable children and carved a more promising future for this community, enriching its people with new skills to find alternate employment and build their own  low-cost housing. View a gallery of the Langbos Children’s Shelter by clicking here The domed “superadobe” structures appear gracious in form and function. Thanks to...

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Power in the Valley

A new multipurpose agricultural barn, known as the Power Barn, which has an array of solar PV panels on its roof, was recently built on a smallholding in Noordhoek, and is a reflection of the client’s passion for holistic sustainable living. Retired general practitioner, Dr Caryl Richmond, bought a smallholding in the De Goede Hoop Estate in 2005 and has transformed the land into an agricultural gem that showcases sustainable living. An olive grove of 212 trees spans 1.5acres of the 10acre property. Closer to the homestead, figs, citrus and other fruit, and nut trees, as well as a...

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3D Printing: Towards printing property

While South Africa has some catching up to do, the use of 3D printers in the local design and construction industry is steadily gaining traction – and could even pose some interesting social dilemmas in future. In an era of increasing technological disruption, the global architecture and construction industry faces its own threats to the status quo. Few of these have a greater capacity to shake up the way buildings are conceptualised, designed and constructed than 3D printing. “It was first developed in the 1980s, but at that time was a difficult and expensive operation and so had few...

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Natural leadership at Skukuza

The home of the Skukuza Science Leadership Initiative, the SSLI Campus, is a training and research facility that furthers the transfer of knowledge and science skills to students, technicians and professionals from South Africa and beyond. And the new Science Centre takes lessons to a higher level. The new Skukuza Science Centre on the SSLI Campus, a partnership between the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), the Nsasani Trust, and the Scientific Services division of SANParks in the Kruger National Park (KNP), is a flagship project with two primary goals. The first is to enhance scientific experiential learning opportunities and...

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Stortemelk Hydro: Turning the tide

A small hydropower station between Bethlehem and Clarens in the Free State is helping renewable energy gain momentum in the region. The Stortemelk plant adds 4.4MW to the national electricity grid. This “run-of-river” plant turns the kinetic energy of flowing water into clean, renewable electricity. Not only has it gained international acclaim, it is already producing more electricity than expected after just a year in operation. Initially expected to generate 27GWh/annum, due to higher than expected efficiencies and lower losses it has produced 30GWh in its first 12 months. It has also already caught the attention of those in...

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