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From humble beginnings in the 19th century to its recent incarnation as Kansai Plascon, the Plascon brand has been committed to improving lives

Kansai Plascon – the largest coating supplier in Southern Africa – has operated in the market for almost 130 years, supplying decorative, professional, industrial and automotive products.

The company’s guiding principle – namely to design products that improve the lives of its customers through constant innovation and groundbreaking technology – drives Plascon’s growth and it has cemented the business as a leading coatings manufacturer in SA and the continent. Dedicated to acting as a catalyst for change, Plascon is committed to service and delivering world-class products throughout its full value chain.

The history of the Plascon brand stretches back to 1889, when Herbert Evans arrived in Johannesburg and began producing floor polish, carriage varnish and ready-mixed tinted paints – an innovative first. Herbert Evans & Co expanded rapidly, developing a solid reputation for innovation, quality and customer service.

At the same time, Solly Rudner was garnering a similar reputation with Chrome Chemicals, a company that manufactured, among other things, Plascon paint. The Plascon brand grew rapidly and in 1945 a new company was formed – Plascon Paints and Chemical Industries.

Having stood the test of time, Kansai Plascon is a renowned market leader

By 1969, Plascon had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barsab, the mining services group under joint ownership of South African Breweries and Thomas Barlow & Sons. In 1970, Plascon Paints and Chemical Industries merged with Herbert Evans & Co to form Plascon-Evans Paints.

Thirty-odd years later, in 2012, Plascon South Africa, as it was then known, was renamed Kansai Plascon, after the company was acquired by Japanese company Kansai Paint, which at the time was the world’s sixth-largest coatings company. Today, Kansai Plascon continues to drive innovation and excellence in the retail, trade, industrial and automotive coatings markets in Southern Africa from four strategically placed manufacturing sites, namely in Mobeni, Krugersdorp, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.

Its investment in continuous technical advancements across its decorative, professional, automotive and industrial ranges has enabled Plascon to become the first coatings manufacturer to confidently raise the bar on product guarantees. The Plascon Premium Flagship range, for instance, has undergone extensive exposure tests in the harsh Southern African environment and now boasts guarantees of 12 to 15 years. The Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge has facilitated partnerships between Kansai Plascon and players in the professional market with a view to building long-term alliances.

These integrity-based relationships enable them to strategically position themselves within specific markets, in a manner that benefits both the brand and the professional partner, and allows Kansai Plascon to continue to build its enviable track record of providing coatings for prestigious and landmark projects in SA and across the continent.

Kansai Plascon’s extensive range caters for Southern Africa’s retail, trade, industrial and automotive coatings markets

As an SA-based company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Kansai Plascon is actively committed to investing in upliftment programmes in local communities across the country. This investment carries with it Kansai Plascon’s high standards, which allow the company to offer real value and sustainable development in the communities with which they work.

So, can a paint company really make a difference to the everyday lives of people? Kansai Plascon sees all its products – existing and yet-to-be developed – as an opportunity to improve people’s lives. The company believes in providing solutions to everyday challenges – making life easier, simpler and more rewarding, while making it beautiful too.

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