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Coverland provides roofing solutions that defy conventional standards and guarantee longevity

Today a roof can offer so much more than shelter, protection and peace of mind. It can also be a power station, a living space, a vertical garden … even a work of art. Coverland helps customers find the perfect roofing solutions for their living or working places, enabling them to experience the true potential of roofs.

Coverland was founded in 1949 as Vereeniging Tiles Limited and evolved over the years to form part of the international BMI Group consisting of 152 production facilities and operations in Europe, the US, Asia and SA. The BMI Group was established in 2017 following the merger of Braas Monier and Icopal.

The combined heritage of the two groups represents a rich history of delivering roofing and waterproofing excellence to customers and brings together some of the biggest and most trusted names in the industry.

Form meets function
The group’s expertise and innovations offer advantages in sustainability, performance and architectural design to residential, commercial and public-sector projects. Its products integrate functionality, energy efficiency and aesthetics for the homeowner. As the largest concrete roof tile manufacturer in Southern Africa, its reach spans nine production facilities and three depots nationally, with its newest depot now operating in Nelspruit.

Coverland’s Elite concrete roof tiles in slate grey

More than merely a roof over people’s heads, Coverland’s products are designed to provide homes with high-performance protection and enhanced security with added functionality and architectural beauty. A roof can, with solar panels, be a power generator; keep living spaces cooler and the roof construction watertight; and create distinctive aesthetic features through a broad range of options.

The Coverland range of products includes RadenShield aluminium barriers; Undertile membrane; EasyFlash water-proofing to replace traditional lead; aesthetically clean dry ridge lines to replace mortar; translucent roof tiles; clay and concrete tiles; and much more. The energy-efficient production process and long product life cycle of concrete tiles mean that they have one of the best environmental footprints of all roofing materials. Coverland manufactures a wide variety of concrete tile profiles with the accompanying ridge or hip fittings, resulting in a distinct look. It offers expertise in innovation and improvement of tile surfaces.

Its premium coated tiles – Lumino and Flair – come in a distinctive, vibrant tile colour. In addition, the clay tile range offers a selection of beautiful contemporary and Mediterranean profiles that are sourced from Europe.

Climate control
Your roof will affect the indoor climate of your house or building. UV rays will penetrate the roof surface making the interior of the home hot in summer, and the heat will escape through the roof in the cooler months. This will, in turn, push up the cost of your electricity for heating and cooling equipment.

Coverland RadenShield aluminium membranes reflect 97% of UV rays while also keeping in the warmth during winter. Meanwhile, in summer months, they reduce indoor temperatures by 10°C. Manufactured for both residential and industrial use, Coverland RadenShield is recommended as a replacement for standard under-tile membranes.

Coverland’s clay tiles are available in bold and flat profiles

Plugging the leaks
One of the most common maintenance problems related to roofs is leaking. Roof leaks are most commonly caused by flashing details that were not properly fastened during installation, or by under-performing material. Coverland EasyFlash abutment rolls offer a high-performing, lead-free alternative to traditional waterproofing for wall-roof junctions. In SA, roof ridge and hip tiles are often fixed with mortar, which can crack, causing wind-driven rain to leak through the roof. However, maintenance-free ridges can be achieved with Dry Ride rolls, which are waterproof yet breathable and can be mechanically fixed to the roof ridge and hip-lines replacing mortar that cracks and leaks.

Extreme wind can cause unsecured roof tiles to lift by pulling at the tiles and creating a pressure difference between the roof space and the outside tiles. Coverland underlays, however, offer resistance against wind penetration. Countrywide –regardless of prevailing weather conditions – nails and storm clips are also recommended as a way of securing roof tiles. It’s important to ensure they’re installed as per legislation.

A durable vision
The durability of a roof depends on quality products. Coverland’s roofing systems have two vital attributes, namely excellent performance and ease of use. All products are subjected to the toughest tests so customers can rest assured that wherever they’re building, Coverland’s roofing systems will more than stand up to the demands of the African sun and harsh weather conditions.

The company accelerates testing of UV weathering by employing equipment that is calibrated against real-life behaviour of the products. As a result, decades of exposure can be simulated within weeks. Practical product training is offered to all Coverland customers including accredited architect CPD (Category One) activity – audited and approved by the South African Institute of Architects. Coverland’s vision is to be the continent’s leader in roofing – achieved through continual improvement, providing high-quality roofing solutions, pioneering innovations and offering world-class service to fulfil the company’s brand promise of ‘roofs that last’.

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