By focusing on its core, customer-centric principles, Fourways Group is stronger than ever and playing its part to create a healthier environment for all

Family values are often instrumental in creating a strong sense of vision and identity for business leaders, and Fourways Group (formerly Fourways Airconditioning) is no different.

For more than 20 years, the Fourways name has been synonymous with integrity, hard work, loyalty and commitment to customer satisfaction. It is precisely these long-standing principles that have been indispensable to the company’s proud legacy of success; for itself and for hundreds of SMME and large HVAC businesses.

Since 1999, Fourways has delivered world-class indoor air and water temperature-control solutions to the market, expanding from a tiny outlet selling one or two Samsung air conditioners here and there, and spare parts to COD customers, into a growing enterprise that boasts a strong national and international footprint, with more than 200 employees.

Today, Fourways is the country’s largest importer and distributor of Samsung and Alliance air conditioners and heat pumps, servicing a network of more than 2 000 dealers, contractors and architects who consistently turn its way for eco-friendly and energy-saving ranges, from the smallest portable and mid-wall splits, to large-scale variable refrigerant-flow systems and rooftop units. The company’s Alliance heat pumps provide residential and commercial hot-water solutions for indoor and outdoor use in the form of direct and cycle heat pumps, as well as pool heat pumps – economical solutions to all water-heating requirements.

Fourways is a ‘one-stop shop’ for a wide variety of HVAC needs

In the air-conditioning industry, it takes more than a few gusts of fresh air to leave a lasting impression. Becoming a trusted name means delivering quality, innovation and reliable service time and time again. With the passing of years, Fourways’ mission to grow alongside its loyal installer network – which has contributed significantly to the business’ expansion and evolution – has never wavered. The brand’s promise of ‘service above all else’ still rings true, manifesting into Fourways becoming a one-stop-shop solution for diverse HVAC business needs and making how installers trade and operate a whole lot easier.

This includes access to on-the-spot product supply, design assistance, technical back-up, training, long-term after-sales parts supply and an online dealer resource portal, all underpinned by fair pricing and the support of a highly skilled and experienced team. With all this and more it’s easy to see why Fourways is the trusted, go-to partner for countless HVAC professionals, a company delivering innovative solutions that make a world of difference, whatever the size or scope a client’s business and projects may be.

Fourways has a vast and impressive list of reference sites where Samsung and Alliance products have been chosen for the job by their accredited installers. Some of these include the iconic multibillion-rand development Umhlanga Arch in KwaZulu-Natal, Soweto Private Hospital, Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg, King Edward School in Houghton and Pran Boulevard in Umhlanga, to name but a few. The list, however, goes on – from hotels to offices and apartments, to medical centres, retail and more, all around the country. Whatever the requirements for the job, Fourways has the solution.

‘We are truly grateful for our ever-growing customers, from installers to consulting engineers and architects who support us,’ says Richard Perry, MD of Fourways. ‘It is our ongoing desire to continue providing industry-leading levels of service and back-up not only in the air-conditioning and heat-pump field, but also in finding additional ways of making business easier for our loyal network of installers and finding additional ways for our loyal installers to grow their businesses in various avenues, while continuing to deliver the exceptional service for which Fourways is known.’

If history is anything to go by, achieving this goal is well within reach. From a business perspective, the COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world to its core. Economies, society and businesses had to fundamentally evolve at a moment’s notice to accommodate a crisis no one saw coming. Although challenging across the board, 2020 proved that value really can be found in seeing the glass half full, particularly in business. For Fourways, this positive mindset is among the many reasons it has been able to sustain the business, despite recent setbacks.

From the top down, the team focused on short- and long-term solutions. The company assessed its then-structure, adapted where needed, streamlined processes and realigned operations to chart a course where Fourways, together with its valued partners, suppliers, installer network and people, could survive.

The common thread in all these successes is people supporting one another and change management. By focusing on the bigger picture, rolling up its sleeves and working side by side, Fourways continues to get the job done and stands by the belief that it doesn’t just sell products; rather, it sells service.

The company also empowers its people through staff-upliftment programmes

This inspires the company to continue to innovate and persevere to ensure that it returns to form, while supporting good health in general.

Furthermore, the company has commenced with staff-upliftment programmes. Empowering its people is critical for Fourways and reflects the company’s family-centric values, which are motivated by an ethos underpinned by continuous improvement. Through openness to change, resilience and working together smarter to achieve its goals, Fourways strives to create the highest value for customers.

Together, immeasurable victories can be achieved, ensuring the company is able to emerge from any situation bigger, better and stronger.

Last year also taught the company that the need for constant innovation in air-conditioning products is a massive requirement due to the ever-increasing pollutions, allergens, bacteria and viruses in the air. Not only has Fourways re-conditioned the way it does things as a business; the company also continuously seeks to innovate products that (vitally) improve air quality.

For this reason, Fourways is constantly bettering its product offerings by introducing purifiers, ionisers and filters that keep pathogens out of the air in homes, offices, malls and any air-conditioned building to ensure consistently enhanced air hygiene.

‘Looking to the future, one cannot help but be excited for the prospects that moving forward brings, aware that we must all be prepared for endless waves of transformation,’ says Perry. Fourways is constantly on top of ever-growing consumer demands.

They have their finger on the pulse of all that is progressive in technological advancements, modern air concerns, and heating- and cooling-product innovations, providing the very best in healthier-air solutions and overall climate control that the world has to offer.

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