As part of its zero plastic, zero harm campaign, atmospheric water generator company Air Water – which introduced Cape Town’s first humidity bottling plant more than a decade ago – is collaborating with innovators Kyle Creeze and Nicholas de Beer to produce a water bottle with a unique twist… The vessel is set to be created exclusively from plant material, making it at once reusable and compostable.

‘I couldn’t believe my eyes when [Creeze and De Beer] presented not only the bottle to me but also sugar cane glasses, straws, and shopping bags [too],’ Air Water founder and chief executive Ray De Vries told IOL.

The environmentally friendly bottles are multi-use and non-toxic: ‘The 100% sustainable bottle can be used as many times as necessary and, once composted, decomposes completely within 120 days,’ according to Air Water.

The eco water bottle is expected to be available locally by the end of Q1 2019, with plans for export beyond SA’s borders.

Image: Sean Dollery/HMimages

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