We’ve all seen it happen… Be it a Highveld thunderstorm or Cape winter rains, a sudden downpour often means copious amounts of water cascading from rooftops, flooding surrounding areas and overwhelming municipal drainage systems. Leaky roofs (and their cost implications) aside, in SA’s drought-stricken environment, that’s a lot of wastage of our most precious resource.

A blue-roof system, however, presents an innovative solution. It’s a waterproofing mechanism that temporarily retains water before gradually releasing it, making the water easier to store. What’s more, it’s versatile and ideal for flat concrete roofs, whether it’s a small home or large office block.

The good news for SA consumers? Roofing and waterproofing specialist BMI Icopal is rolling out its Wateroof blue-roof system in 2020. So get ready for waterproofing that lets you save every single drop.

Image: Unsplash

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