Maintaining a natural compost project by converting food leftovers into paving and construction material were among the features that earned the Wild Coast Sun the country’s (and Africa’s) first Net Zero Waste (Pilot) rating by the GBCSA.

After sending about 40 tons of waste to a local landfill site each month and recycling only about 30% of its waste production, the hotel– with the help of local waste-management agency Recycle 4 Africa (R4A) – embarked on a mission to recycle and reuse all the waste the hotel produces. ‘R4A is responsible for separating and recovering all waste items on the property and ensures that items such as glass, paper, plastic and cans are baled and sent to various recycling outlets,’ according to Sonja Stroud, Wild Coast Sun environmental health and safety co-ordinator. ‘Waste that cannot be recycled is converted into eco-aggregate, which in turn, is used to produce SABS-approved eco blocks used for paving and construction purposes. ‘Herein lies the key of achieving zero waste – the production of eco blocks or waste-to-blocks, as we refer to it.’

Staff are educated on environmental issues through workshops and seminars that offer insight into long-term eco care. Wild Coast Sun has also successfully led two projects – collecting and separating food waste, cartridges, paper and batteries; and producing compost from food waste and garden cuttings, and planting and managing organic vegetable gardens on site.

Image: Sun International

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