Smart metering is helping drive efficiencies in businesses by making them aware of potential problems before they cause major losses.

By shutting off non-essentials, checking for leaks and calling plumbers to solve issues that previously went unnoticed, smart metering allows businesses to gauge, for example, water use very accurately. ‘If you can measure something, you can improve it. If you don’t measure, you can’t improve,’ according to SqwidNet acting CEO Phathizwe Malinga. ‘Just being aware of usage makes you start behaving quite differently.’

SqwidNet, which aims to connect 1 million smart devices in SA within the next three to five years, recently signed a channel partnership with internet of things (IoT) strategy provider SMME IoT. Their first move saw IoT device-maker Visiosoft installing more than 2 500 water meter reader units countrywide. The devices send live consumption data to an analytics platform every 30 minutes. The data is then stored in the platform and can be used to track and understand consumption patterns.

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