Traditional water-heating methods demand enormous amounts of electrical energy, and each year South Africans use more than 300 GW of electricity to heat water.

Blue Sun Energy Solutions has developed cost-effective and renewable alternatives for new residential developments and apartment blocks. By integrating 2 000-litre centralised geysers with heat pumps and solar thermal manifolds, these hybrid systems create unrivalled heating efficiencies. Through innovative financial models, capex or opex-based, these systems can reduce the cost of hot water from 14c to less than 2c a litre. And with round-the-clock remote monitoring and data-logging, property managers can actively control billing and consumption in their buildings.

Blue Sun Energy Solutions has also developed 25 000-litre hot-water systems for industrial and manufacturing applications. Water can be heated up to 99˚C in steel tanks and 65˚C in plastic tanks. Secondary heat-capture tanks also ensure heat is retained and circulated back into the system.

These systems are an essential and powerful tool in achieving energy-efficiency and carbon-saving targets for architects, engineers and property developers.

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