Discovering a colony of mass-destructors nibbling away at in- and outdoor timber is any property owner’s nightmare. The damage caused by ants and subterranean termites can be extensive – not to mention costly – especially if left unchecked.

Pest control poses a conundrum though, as many pesticides contain chemicals that are not only harmful to people and pets but can potentially leach through the soil and poison the groundwater, presenting a major risk to the ecosystem.

Mitigating the impact of pesticides on the environment is a driving factor behind Bayer’s mission to offer products that are cleaner and greener. Hence its Premise 200SC – an odourless termiticide that, unlike most insecticides, actively binds to the soil where it is applied. This not only prevents leaching but also creates an effective barrier against pests. Even better? Applied correctly, Premise 200SC is not harmful to humans or animals and can be applied pre- or post-construction.

The termiticide is ideal for myriad applications (from residential and commercial buildings to roads and airport runways) and has a residual action of five years.

Image: Gallo/Getty Images

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