When the founder of the Design Indaba issues a challenge to give Cape Town’s Luthuli Plaza a new lease on life, naturally there’s just one thing to be done – build a big, green dome that feeds off urine. At least, that’s the thinking of Peter Veenstra, from Rotterdam-based LOLA Landscape Architects.

The 50m wide, plant-covered, sustainable-bamboo sphere scores top marks in both form and function, as not only will it be quite the visual marvel but, more importantly, it will be water neutral too.

Veenstra plans to grow the vegetation hydro-ponically, with an added twist… According to Deezen magazine, he is working with Belgian scientists on a method that ‘re-uses pee from civil servants, by filtering the liquid by-product and making it suitable for supporting plant life’.

‘[Luthuli Plaza] is a dead space, but it’s got great potential,’ Veenstra told delegates at this year’s conference, adding that ‘there is big potential for the whole structure to become Cape’s High Line’, referring to the popular park that was created on a disused railway line in New York.

‘The dome itself could be the most beautifully planted thing, with the best of the endemic species the Cape has to offer.’

Images: LOLA Landscape Architects

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