More than a decade ago, chemists at Paintsmiths (then trading as Midas Earthcote) began developing zero-VOC paint formulations in a bid to take a more ethical and environmentally responsible approach to paint production. VOCs – volatile organic compounds – are gases emitted from paints and varnishes that can be detrimental to both human health and the environment. The result is a series of zero-VOC paints that form part of the company’s Envirolite range.

All other Paintsmiths products are grouped under a transparent rating system, in which the VOC rating is clearly stated on the packaging.

Key to their success is the use of zero-VOC pigments, as the stainers used in coatings formulations are often large contributors to the VOC levels in most commercially available paints.

Paintsmiths has also formulated water-based alternatives to solvent-based paints for walls and floors, reducing the risk of coatings ‘off-gasing’ into the atmosphere. Glycol, formaldehyde and other chemical additives have been removed from these alternatives, resulting in a healthier, more environmentally friendly option.

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