The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) certifies buildings designed to be sustainable. It develops rating tools and educates professionals to be fully competent in all areas of green building. The BBCSA is the quality controller and the frontrunner in transforming the industry.

At the start of September, the GBCSA team moved into their new offices: it is both a physical and symbolic move. The new office is located in Black River Park, Observatory, close to transport and is powered by solar energy. The actual office space was formerly a warehouse. These attributes make it an interesting pilot for the Commercial Interiors rating tool.

The former warehouse was overhauled and designed for the multitude of functions the GBCSA fulfils. There are meeting areas, quiet areas and focus rooms. The materials from the demolition were salvaged for re-use or recycled. The carpets incorporate recycled materials and have no VOC properties. The water-wise plants and living green wall punctuate the sustainable intention of the office.

The team hopes to be the first organisation that gets certified under this tool, as it is the fifth they’ve has developed. It is different from the other tools as it largely focuses on aspects that the tenant has control of. This means that regardless of the building, every office can technically get rated, which is a very exciting prospect for companies that rent office space.


* Read the full article in the October- November 2013 issue. Images: Jason Buch (