Rudolf Pienaar, development and investment, Growthpoint

Q: What is the role of Growthpoint’s trading and development team?
A: This specialised division has built a sterling track record of creating assets and value for the company’s own portfolio. Growthpoint’s success has allowed it to broaden such services to clients and partners, so they too can avail of tailored future-focused property solutions.

The services are extensive and holistic, but essentially the division is in the business of developing thriving sustainable spaces where a design’s value can create or optimise property investment.

Q: What type of developments does the division usually undertake?
A: We acquire land and properties for resale where we are able to identify value with turnkey new developments, refurbishments, redevelopment and leasing – be that office, retail, industrial, residential, hospitality, healthcare or mixed-use properties. For offices, we use our development services to create quality, sustainable and efficient corporate, multi-tenant and sectional title office buildings and co-working spaces in sought-after locations.

Drawing on the division’s specialised expertise in this sector, acquired over many years, we are also able to develop industrial spaces such as warehousing, logistics, manufacturing and showroom facilities. Shopping centres are also targeted, particularly from a redevelopment and refurbishment perspective. Specialist residential, hospitality and healthcare properties too form part of Growthpoint’s development acumen.

All these varied specialisations have enabled us to create mixed-use spaces that are much more than the simple sum of their different use components, resulting in vibrant, connected and integrated precincts and places that support quality of life for the people who use them, be that internal or external environments.

Q: What type of services are supplied?
A: We offer a full suite of property and consulting services, including nodal and location analysis; concept design, feasibility studies, viability assessments, and value engineering; land acquisition and site assembly; rights procurement and requisite approvals; land and precinct infrastructure development; project and construction management; financial and procurement management; business process and workflow analysis.

Also included are certified green building and sustainability services; high-performance work-space planning, use analysis and workplace strategy; ICT building interface; relocation and change management; leasing, property, facilities, utilities, and asset management; and life-cycle planning for sustainable design.

Q: Describe the team’s process. How much consultation is involved?
A: The trading and development team consults broadly with clients to craft solutions tailored to their business needs, operating environments and future growth visions. In addition, we work closely with a strong and well-established network of leading construction and built-environment professionals to enable holistic, tailor-made, end-to-end solutions. The team has a respected track record of joint ventures in development, and this ethos of partnering continues to be a driving force.

It is a very consultative process and centred on our clients and their needs. The team approaches each project individually with focus and commitment, aiming to provide purpose-built solutions that meet our clients’ businesses culture and operational functionality. These collaborations are carefully tailored to deliver strategic value-adding services and solutions.

Q: What outcomes can your clients expect?
A: We assist our clients to achieve their property strategies, whatever they might be, by creating and unlocking value from their property investments. In most cases, clients want to work with the team to develop purpose-built premises to occupy or own.

However, we can also help them de-risk larger and mixed-use developments, or work in joint venture projects for developments that they will ultimately own. We are geared to enable empowerment partnerships and transactions, initiate longterm joint holdings and unlock greater value from their property assets for resale.

Q: Does the trading and development division take a specific approach to development?
A: Growthpoint focuses on green building and creating high-performance spaces, and as such is a platinum founding member of the Green Building Council of South Africa and part of the Green Building Leadership Network.

Green buildings offer reduced operating expenses; are more resource efficient; help attract and retain talent; and promote occupant wellness and productivity. Workplace strategies are one such example. In designing high-performance workspaces that foster collaboration and productivity, a client can realise increased profitability.

Research proves that the spaces we inhabit have an impact on the mental, physical and cognitive well-being of people and also impact the external environment, so it makes perfect business sense to create spaces that are environmentally conscious and healthy to be in. This sometimes includes delivering solutions that extend beyond the buildings themselves by adding or improving the public infrastructure around developments.

This is an integral part of the group’s overall ethos and why we always keep an eye on the future, so that we can continue to innovate and provide sustainable solutions.

By Kerry Dimmer
Image: Janine Petzer

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