Take a seat, Test Kitchen… The Drought Kitchen is getting ready to serve. This April, renowned chef Luke Dale-Roberts will open a pop-up venue at his Woodstock restaurant with two objectives – to save water and save jobs.

The chef recently closed his in-house laundry and retrained the staff who worked there in vegetable preparation and other kitchen work. ‘Our most pressing challenges are maintaining the quality of food service and hygiene within the restaurants, while saving as much water as we can,’ Dale-Roberts says in an interview with

Hence the Drought Kitchen, which will feature a six-course‚ lower-cost menu that uses minimal water in food preparation, and – taking it a step further – biodegradable canvas plates. ‘As odd as this may sound it has actually come out pretty cool and we can almost eliminate the use of our dishwasher as a result of this.’

Image: The Test Kitchen

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